Ronald Doelen

Deliver & Change

are the common thread through my career and ambitions for the future.
I have been trained as an organization change consultant and have earned my spurs in IT Delivery and Consultancy. I have realized changes with management, management teams and team changes. I prefer to work in a delivery role; delivering products or projects and in parallel driving a change or continuous improvement. It’s my ambition to do this as a Scrum Master, Team Coach or Release Train Engineer.

Why am I different?

  • I can start a team from sketch.
  • I can take an existing team to the next level.
  • I can coach management in how to enable and mature teams.
  • Context is king: I focus on what works for the team and the context of the team : Scrum, ScrumBan, Kanban and Lean.
  • Teams:
    • Cyberdefense Teams
    • Software Development Teams
    • DevOps Teams
    • Business intelligence Teams
    • Product Development Teams
    • Business Teams


with the team and team members


Only results count.


20+ years 75 + teams