Research indicates that a large proportion of IT projects does not satisfy expectations. Clients are regularly confronted with budget overruns, delays and less functionality. In my own career I have now experience with 50 projects or assignments. Much has been successfully completed.

The success of an IT project is largely determined by the approach, complexity and ambition. A good project plan and software development approach plays an important role. Complexity and ambition go hand in hand. Generic and / or comprehensive solutions can sometimes lead to unique solutions to complex care. During the implementation phase of these solutions run consistently over time and appear in the exploitation phase is very fragile and costly to implement.

Agile development and management approaches to complex and ambitious projects can be made more manageable. In the first place because soon made clear whether a solution is feasible because the risk issues when first arrested. Second, the productivity of a team quickly made clear. In third place is soon clear that environmental factors affect the project. The maintenance is finally easier because agile teams have a greater focus on quality.

Agile Consultancy focuses on advising, coaching and implementing agile approach to software development, business intelligence and management. Here the following offered:

* Scrum basic training
* Implement Scrum in software development
* Implement Scrum in business intelligence and data warehouse projects
* Coaching of teams, Product Owners and Scrum Masters
* Coaching of managers and business owners
* Coaching of architects, planners, business consultants and portfolio
* Coaching of human resource managers

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