On Wednesday 4th of December 2013 Wouter Kolenbrander will talk on the route to become an Agile BI Organization. Wouter works for the Network Information Management System (NIS) department within Rijkswaterstaat. Rijkswaterstaat is an agency within the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and responsible for the design, construction, management and maintenance of the main infrastructure facilities in the Netherlands. NIS is used to monitor the KPI’s agreed between the management of Rijkswaterstaat and the secretary.

I came to know Wouter in summer 2011 when he invited me to join in a tender on a agile bi pilot. Together with Xebia and Proawareness I competed in this tender and in the end got the win it. The pilot included training and coaching during 4 sprints and at the end of the pilot we evaluated the results. Participants awarded the pilot with 7.9 mark (on 1 to 10 scale) and would recommend others to use agile bi. Team communication and cooperation improved significantly. Using agile bi also gave insights in (unexpected) bottlenecks in the process.

After the pilot I helped the team setting up agile portfolio management, release planning and involving the different stakeholders. Next I coached individual team members. In the end I also facilitated a team building event when new workers joined the team. I really enjoyed coaching this team. It was a pleasure to help the team on their agile voyage. Its rewarding to see the team made good progress on its own and is inspiring others within Rijkswaterstaat. In the end I am only a passenger.

It was a pleasure to work with Wouter. I like is energetic and positive attitude and his willingness to learn and change. Even if the circumstances for change are not that obvious. I am looking forward to his presentation and I will follow his agile journey closely.


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