Ronald Doelen

Ambitions of a JUNIORISEP

CITCON Europe 2009 was hosted at L’Institut Supérieur d’Electronique de Paris. It was great ISEP made it possible to organize this conference. They also sponsored the food and drinks. During lunch in the basement I came across these posters.  Great ambitions….

Scrum and Architecture

Scrum and Architecture is a combination that looks suspicious. One of the first principles of Scrum is no Big Up Front Design (BDUF) and architectural designs tend to be big. They can be usefull. A short readable paragraph on architectural principles in the Vision document… Read More »Scrum and Architecture

Agile Architecture – Patterns & Technology

From October 25 to 29,2009 OOPSLA was organized. Every one knows this is the place Scrum was first introduced. Kirk made a great presentation about Agile Architecture – Patterns & Technology! Go see his blog.