Collaborative Cyber Security

The term ‘Collaborative Cyber Security’ has been borrowed from Richard Hackman’s book Collaborative intelligence. In this book he describes the lessons learned from researching the CIA in the aftermath of 9/11. The CIA wanted to solve hard problems with teams instead of individual Analysts. Hackman… Read More »Collaborative Cyber Security

Scrum for non IT teams

On October 31th 2014 I attended the Agile Tour Brussel 2014 (#ATBRU) conference for the first time. One of the sessions was on Scrum in Industry (Scrum beyond Software series). Xavier Quesada Allue and his college shared their experience in implementing scrum at a supplier… Read More »Scrum for non IT teams

ALE Research Project

In ALE 2011 there were some interesting discussions on how to convince senior management on the the benefits of Agile Development. In a interesting keynote, David Snowden made good point on this. He stated agile methods lacked a theoretical bases to be a credible alternative. There… Read More »ALE Research Project