Research indicates that a large part of the project does not satisfy expectations. Clients are regularly confronted with budget overruns, delays and less functionality. In my own career I have now experience with 50 projects or assignments. Many have been successfully completed.

The success of a project is largely determined by the approach, complexity and ambition. Many clients use the Prince2 project approach . The role of project manager to the right way in here to suggest to the client. Optionally, elements from Prince2 to be handled. It is primarily a means of Prince2 project properly “manage” and not an end in itself.

With a background in change management, I experience that many approaches to IT projects are approaches from the scientific management school. Characteristics for the focus on standardization, “one best way of working” and micromanagement.

Features for my approach is that I see IT projects as a change . The introduction of IT systems in recent decades has led to changes. A project approach in which an analysis is made of the organization and reflection on what interventions are committed during the realization and implementation of the IT system. Throughout the project, enough attention to communication with users and the alignment of the business.

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