Not all teams are equal

Implementing Scrum, Kanban DevOps or Lean in teams is not a simple textbook exercise. It requires learning the team and context.

This lesson I learned in business teams and security teams. The context is different and not all agile processes will fit. This also means your team will not automatically benefit from the team best practices from you get out of the box from for example Scrum. Going back to the research Scrum was based on, learned me how find alternatives to get the same effect.

How to improve teams?

Based on this research I also developed an approach to find improvements. Finding improvements in a team is like looking at an iceberg. Only a small part is visible a large part is not. 

A Team Assessment can make transparent what is below the surface. This Assessment is based on Team Enabling conditions, Team Maturity and Team Personality. In addition cross cultural differences and team location can be included.

The result will show areas for improvement and a format or exercise to improve.