BPM on SOA and the role of changemanagement

Bruce Silver wrote a nice post on BPM and SOA.
I agree on his analysis that these 2 worlds are slowly merging. An Service Oriented Architecture will only be efficient when the business processes on top of it are efficient. It is good to see that the Oracle SOA Suite gets more and more tooling for Business Process Analysis (BPA), simulation and Business Activitity Monitoring (BAM). The tools you need for process improvement or BPM.

In my opinion change management also plays a central role in both BPM and developing a SOA. The changes IT has on the business is known. But why is IT only managing the changes in the software and not the changes it imposes on the organization? The currently known software development methodologies also don’t have an answer for this question.

In a recent post I showed the impact of a SOA implementation and the effect of an intervention on adoption of a new system and new business processes.  It shows that the use of techniques from requirement engineering and change management pay off.

In the BPM world change management is more common ground. Only I also see an emphasis on tooling and techniques. I hope that with the merging of BPM, SOA and change management the gap between business and IT will be closed and we will add more value to the business. In the end this is the only Key Performance Indicator IT will be measured against.

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