Professional 2.0

IT-professional 2.0: Personal Branding

On this blog a found a great post professional 2.0 and personal branding N.b. The link to the article of Bart van der Meij is:

IT- Professional 2.0: Training

The main difference between IT-professional 1.0 en 2.0 is non technical skills and knowledge. Luckily a lot of skills can be trained. The last year a found some nice trainingsprogrammes or books: Certified Scrum Master Test Driven Development Refactoring Retrospectives (Book Diana Larsen, Agile Retrospectives:… Read More »IT- Professional 2.0: Training

IT-Professional 2.0

Like web 2.0 or enterprise 2.0 the term IT-professional 2.0 may look like ‘old wine in new bags’. The term IT-professional 2.0 is part synonym to all known competencies of IT-professional 1.0. He is skilled, eager to learn new technologies, mainly solution centered, solitaire and… Read More »IT-Professional 2.0

First post on Blogger

Since I finished university and entered IT, I wondered about the pure instrumental approach to IT-projects. I my opinion the design, development and implementation of a IT systems impeads a change to the clients organization. This change starts when you enter the organization and start… Read More »First post on Blogger