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Since I finished university and entered IT, I wondered about the pure instrumental approach to IT-projects. I my opinion the design, development and implementation of a IT systems impeads a change to the clients organization. This change starts when you enter the organization and start asking questions (requirements enginering). The client starts thinking, learning and his behaviour may change. During the design and development of a system an collective thinking starts to evolve. It is then fixed into the IT system and implemented in workingprocesses.

In many software development methods the focus is on generating good reguirements and gaining user involvement. The element of change is handled (or not) in the way the process is designed (waterfall v.s. iterations). I have not yet found I software development method in which the implementation of a IT-system is seen as a planed change. A change in which you use interventions to facilitate the implementation of a system.

In this blog I will write about using planed change implementing Business Process Management and Service Oriented Architecture.

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