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Adjusting to a new “normal”​

Some people say life after #Corona virus may never be the same.. I don’t know about that, but for now life has definitely changed.

I’ve been working with a #SAP DevOps team as a Scrum Master at a large multinational for the last nine months. The purpose of the team is to enable SAP Cloud Services for businesses. These businesses are transitioning from SAP on premisses solution to SAP S/4 Hana Public Cloud, SAP S/4 Hana Private or SAP Cloud Platform. This multinational is considered as one of the largest ERP consuming companies worldwide. 

Geographically the team is spread across India, Netherlands and UK, so were already used to #remote working. In the last 3 week the team is adjusting well to lockdowns of social distancing. We continue to have good #attendance and constructive #conversations in these challenging times. 

Today (April 1st 2020) was our #sprint review day where we look back at previous one and plan the next. We took some time to ask ourselves what have we learned from #homeworking due to the #Corona virus situation, so I wanted to share a bit about this interesting discussion. We looked at two things in particular: what we most appreciate in spite of it and what things we find harder because of it. Here is the outcome:

What we most appreciate 

  • As a team, we feel more connected to each other because we are learning more about our families, personal life, countries and culture.
  • We feel trusted to #workfromhome and this motivates us to keep delivering outstanding work
  • Nature is returning, birds are singing and the air feels fresher
  • There are no traffic jams or wasted commute time

What we find hard to adjust to

  • There are some things outside of our control, and we all want to learn to better handle concerns we cannot influence.
  • Learn how to handle Corona news information overload
  • Learn how switch from work to normal life and respect #boundaries
  • Learn how to limit working hours because meetings go on during dinner time
  • Learn about #homeworking #ergonomics when working from the kitchen table

It was a positive and encouraging conversation where we gave each other #tips and tricks on the hard things, just like a family getting together would.

We all felt that we came a long way, we matured as a team and are closer than ever.

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