IT-Professional 2.0

Like web 2.0 or enterprise 2.0 the term IT-professional 2.0 may look like ‘old wine in new bags’. The term IT-professional 2.0 is part synonym to all known competencies of IT-professional 1.0. He is skilled, eager to learn new technologies, mainly solution centered, solitaire and in time out dated or a Excel or PowerPoint guru (aka projectmanager or architect). IT-professional 2.0 will need extra skils.

The IT industry is developing faster and faster. New tools, frameworks and techniques arrive at a faster pace. The IT-professional invests a lot of time keeping up their knowledge and skills. Otherwise his market value will deteriorate. Experiencing all latest hypes like BPM, SOA or BAM I think it is almost imposable to have and individual IT-professionals covering all tools and techniques in these projects. Simply the tools and techniques are complex.

Knowledge management and sharing is key. A network of IT-professionals or a team is needed to execute projects. Communication, refection, coaching, pair programming is needed to have a productive team. The team will be self organizing because the complexity will also topple the excel guru. The excel guru will have to unlearn his command and control leadership in order to facilitate the team. In short for IT-professional 2.0 the non technical skills will be determining his market value.

The impact IT has on business is enormous. Discussions about IT and Business alignment and IT governance show that. IT is sad the PowerPoint guru’s have developed a whole range of models, views or jargon that in my opinion has widened the gap between IT and Business. The impact of IT on business cans also defined as an organizational change that needs to be managed. IT professional 2.0 views IT-project as change management projects in which change management skills is needed to get a good dialogue between business and IT.

With this the network of professionals for executing a project will grow. Next to to a stable core of developers, designers and project leaders other expertise will be flown in. Teams will consists of both internal and external resources. Organizing this will be a challenge for current IT organizations.

So after IT-professional 2.0 their will arise IT-enterprise 2.0?

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