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Two weeks ago I attended a seminar of Steven Feuerstein. On the way there I dropped of a colleague at the train station. I told hem I was going to a seminar of Steven. He asked who he was. When I entered the room I realized why my younger colleague didn’t know Steven.

All PLSQL developers off my generation know Steven. Steven is God and his book Oracle PLSQL programming is our bible. His presentation was good. But the things he stated reminded me more and more of my younger colleagues. His focus on best practices, Test Driven Development and the use frameworks are common to them. The public at the seminar was impressed. I was specially impressed with Quest Code Tester. I think it will help PLSQL developers in developing quality code.

The other thing I realized that this public might extinct. This week java developers in my SOA project where planning to kill the PLSQL web services. EJB3 web services are better…

3 thoughts on “Thinking about Feuerstein”

  1. Steven Feuerstein

    Dear Ronald,

    I am afraid I must protest most vociferously: I am not God.

    Well, to be quite honest, being thorougly agnostic, I suppose to be accurate, I should say:

    I don’t know whether or not I am God.

    But I am pretty sure I am not. In fact, after thinking about it some more, I can prove that I am not God. I cannot bend the world to my will or make it/remake it in my image.

    Anyway, thanks for your very kind words about Code Tester. I am very excited about this product. (Check out if you would like more information about a tool that can automate the testing of PL/SQL code!)

    I do, however, ask for some clarification. You write:

    “But the things he stated reminded me more and more of my younger colleagues. His focus on best practices, Test Driven Development and the use frameworks are common to them.”

    Do you mean that you think that such ideas are commonly known to and followed by those young programmers, and they do not need to be taught these things?

    That would be wonderful news, indeed!


  2. We reference the ‘Oracle PL/SQL Programming’ book as the bible too. Thinking about this, The Bible wasn’t written by God himself, so that would mean Steven is not God ;-). He is an evangelist though.

  3. Ronald Doelen

    Dear Steven,

    The god and bible thing are a figure of speech. It is to show that your ideas have influenced my work. I have seen many examples of this influence in the work of others. I think the picture of the Oracle PL/SQL Programming book in in the window in Switzerland is a metaphor for many images in my head.

    The presentation you gave was an eye opener for me in the context of PLSQL programming. Your emphasis on best practices, TDD and Code Tester a agree on.

    The fact that this is more common to my younger java developers than to the ‘classic’ PLSQL (Designer/ Developer) developers is something I have seen more and worries me.

    For the last 8 years I have been web-enabling or soa enabling classic Oracle developers and I have seen the same pattern. Everyone is very satisfied with SQL, PLSQL, Forms Developer and Designer (Headstart and CDM ruleframe). This is their toolbox and they develop good software with it.

    Now they have to build a website or a SOA and they are dazzled with acronyms, tools, frameworks and more. Not the least they have to learn a lot from younger colleagues. This poses nice challenges in change management ;-).

    They have to get out of their (tool)box and look at best practices more known in the JAVA or .NET world…

    I think your message will help getting them out of the box.


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