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ALE Research Project

In ALE 2011 there were some interesting discussions on how to convince senior management on the the benefits of Agile Development.In an interesting keynote, David Snowden made good point on this. He stated agile methods lacked a theoretical bases to be a credible alternative. There is no independent academic research on agile methods. This was also confirmed by a CIO looking for supporting research for business case on agile Adoption program. There is a lot off interesting research done by agile Company’s. The results are very supportive, but they are (as stated by the CIO) considered somewhat biased. This brings me to the ALE Research Project: Purpose of the research is to test the hypotheses that projects using agile / lean methods are performing better then projects using other methods. For this I am looking for people who: – want to help designing the study; – have connections with companies who want fund (yes we need money) or participate in the study – have connections with universities or academics who want to do the study. All suggestions are welcome.

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