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On Scrum and Organizational Development

The parallels between Scrum and Organizational Development are obvious. Both center around communication, feedback and learning. In a recent project I am introducing elements off scrum. Since March I am using a daily scrum to keep everyone informed about the project. In the daily scrum the whole team gathers at 10:00 a.m. and every team members tells what he has done yesterday and is planning today. On Monday 2 off April the first sprint starts and we start using planning poker and the burndownsheet.

I am surprised with the effects off the daily scrum. At first I had invite all the team members and stakeholders for the daily scrum. Sometimes a was walking into the rooms to remind them of the daily scrum. Now everyone joins the meeting at 10:00 a.m. sharp. The effects on communication and cooperation are significant. Team members are actively sharing information and the involvement and commitment to the project is getting better and better. The management now is considering using scrum in other projects ;-).

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